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Acne Scars

Acne Scars Condition and Treatments

There are several treatments that can work well for acne scarring depending on the type and severity of scars, your skin tone, and your budget. Scarring is difficult to fully eliminate. Expectations need to be realistic. At Celebrity Skincare we always recommend starting with the least invasive treatment and ease into more aggressive treatments as needed. This is the best way to avoid possible complications.

Chemical peels alone or in conjunction with microdermabrasion are great options for acne scarring. They stimulate collagen and elastin, which softens and smooths acne scars making them less noticeable.


Micro-needling is also a great option for acne scarring. Micro-punctures in the skin stimulate wound healing, producing new collagen and elastin. Special topicals like stem cells and growth factors can be infused into the skin to help regenerate new skin and reduce scarring.

The risks involved with chemical peels and microneedling are minimal compared to more invasive laser resurfacing treatments. They are also safe for darker skin tones which have limited options for acne scar-reduction treatments.

How many chemical peels, mid-depth peels and/or micro-needling treatments will you need? Every person is different. Every case is different. Expect to complete at least five or six treatments, and if you have severe acne scarring, the number of potential treatments is limitless. It all depends on the results you want and what your budget allows. You should expect to see a visible improvement in scarring within a few months.

Micro-needling is not appropriate if you are currently experiencing acne breakouts. It will be necessary to get your acne under control before you risk making your acne worse.

Everyone’s skin is different. The best thing to do is book a New Client Consult + Treatment to discuss and personalize your treatment with products to meet your individual needs.

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