According to the Environmental Working Group, 90% of the cosmetics and skin care ingredients have not been evaluated for safely by the FDA, or any other institution.

The average person lathers, rubs and or sprays 10 different skin care products on his or her body every day ( Our skin absorbs what we put on it, upwards of 130 different chemicals each day. And this does not include the chemicals we eat, drink, breathe or clean with!

Cosmetics companies and the FDA maintain that these chemicals are safe, and many of them are–in small doses. However, it does not account for the small, frequent [i.e. multiple] daily exposures of these chemicals that all add up each month and year to create all kinds of health problems.

While I, Jennifer Swink of Celebrity Skin, do not sell organic skin care products, I only carry select cosmetic lines that are extremely effective, while also being as clean as possible without forfeiting technology. I have yet to find that in any Organic Skin care product lines.

Many of you are familiar with the product line I carry, Rhonda Allison. I’ve never really taken the time to explain why I chose it, and why I love it so much, so I will now! For starters… good skin care ingredients.


Rhonda Allison’s promise is “to bring each and every client’s skin to its optimum potential for health and beauty and provide continued support, service, and information. Forerunners in science-based skin care, Rhonda Allison products are a natural selection!”

Among many other reasons, here are a few that keep me loving Ra:

  • Rhonda Allison does not use any dyes, artificial coloring or artificial fragrances
  • Ra uses natural, pronouncable skin care ingredients
  • Ra only uses essential oils and scent from plant extracts for aroma
  • All preservatives are essential oils, plant derived or safe FDA approved ingredients
  • Only the purest, highest-grade ingredients and naturally scientific to provide maximum results are used
  • Ra lists every ingredient on the bottle for your review
    (this is less common than you probably think!)
  • All of Ra’s tubes, cleanser / lotion bottles and plastic / glass jars are 100% recyclable

If you have not yet tried Ra’s product line, come in and give it a try. Save your skin by saving your money… Mention this post for a special 15% off one product, and enjoy Ra’s affordable and safe skin care products!