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Best Moisturizers For Arizona!

Choosing a moisturizer is not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to keeping the skin from getting too dry. Many variables affect your skin’s moisture levels at any given time, which can make choosing the “right” moisturizer difficult. Answer these [...]

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4 Diets that Promote Healthy Skin

Following a plant-based eating plan rich in colorful vegetables and fruits, grass-fed/pasture-raised meats, nuts, seeds and spices is a solid dietary guideline. Plants are naturally anti-inflammatory and are full of all kinds of vital nutrients that also help to detoxify the body by: [...]

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The Effect of Climate on Your Skin

The climate (where you live or vacation) influences your skin’s moisture levels. Humidity levels influence skin’s water or moisture content, which influences the skin’s reactions to stripping agents. The higher the humidity level in the air, the better your skin [...]

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Hydration For Beautiful Skin

Your skin’s appearance is a barometer of how hydrated your body is.  Poor dietary choices, alcohol, smoking, low water intake, stress, lack of sleep, sun exposure and slipshod daily care all drain skin of its natural moisture content, making it [...]

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