50… The New F-Word

HOLY CR@P, I am turning 50!! 

I can’t believe it. It is finally here. The Big 50. Aging is hard when I gauge it by looking in the mirror. I see more lines, looser skin, less hair, more age spots, more pounds on the scale… throw in a couple back surgeries, some skin cancer and BAM! I am starting to feel some of my years. That is when I have to remove myself from the mirror and start taking some inventory of what matters and what I have to be grateful for:

  • 30 years in the Health and Wellness Industry in various capacities getting to do what I love and never having to dread a day of work
  • Getting to be a mother of two kind, smart, funny and beautiful children that I can officially call adults (youngest just turned 18, whew!) Job done! (who am I kidding?)
  • I can enjoy my parents as they are still with me (85 years old and just married 55 years – quite the accomplishment!)
  • I can call my significant other/partner in crime, fiancé, my best friend
  • I have amazing supportive friends
  • I am healthy and happy
  • And…. I am an aesthetician who can work on myself to reduce lines, spots and laxity for free!

Help me celebrate my 50th birthday by entering to a win a free makeover, and I can’t wait to see you all in February!

~ Jennifer


Help Me Celebrate My 50th Birthday By Entering To Win A Free Makeover!

What Does The Free Makeover Include?

Free Makeover Is Valued At $800!

How To Enter

Enter now through February 28, 2021! Winner to be announced on or before March 15, 2021.

  • Get one entry for joining the Celebrity Skin email list
  • Get one entry for heading to our Instagram page (following us would be so appreciated!)
  • Get DOUBLE ENTRIES for sharing to social media!

Good luck, everyone!


February Special! Celebrity Skin Custom Facial + Complementary Hand Treatment

Book any facial of your choice valued at $150 or more and receive a Hand Hydrating & Peel Treatment for FREE ($75 value)!

Custom facials include but are not limited to Acne Facial, Microdermabrasion facial, Dermaplaning facial, or the Celebrity Skin Signature Treatment (our best value, get all 4 treatments in a single session).

Hands are one of the first places that give away your age.  Living in a dry climate combine with cold winter months and too much hand sanitizer are leaving our hands looking old and ugly! Lizzardlike!  This treatment will deeply hydrate hands and generate a brighter, plumper and smoother textured skin after peeling.


Skin Feeling Dry or Dehydrated?

Get 10% off all moisturizers through 2/28/2021! 

A few favorites for Arizona winters:

  • Rhonda Allison Exotica Rhodiola
  • Therapy E or Growth Factor Gel
  • SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture
  • Hydrating B5 Gel
  • AGE Interrupter
  • Triple Lipid Restore

The Effect of Climate on Your Skin

The climate (where you live or vacation) influences your skin’s moisture levels. Humidity levels influence skin’s water or moisture content, which influences the skin’s reactions to stripping agents. The higher the humidity level in the air, the better your skin can tolerate dehydrating products. The drier the climate, the less your skin will tolerate multiple stripping agents.

Heat triggers oil production. In hotter climates and in summer months, people tend to become oiler. In colder climates and winter months, people tend to become drier. Turning on your heater at home, at work or in your car reduces moisture levels in the air, and therefore in your skin too. This is why there can’t be a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to keeping skin hydrated. I recommend putting a humidifier in your bedroom during winter months and in drier climates such as Arizona.

What external factors cause dryness and dehydration?

Skin-care products and weather are two big ones.

Any product that contains sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, sodium chloride, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoic acid (Retin- A/tazorac/tretinoin), and other potentially drying ingredients will strip and dehydrate your skin.

Stripping the skin is not necessarily bad when you have acne, but when too many of these ingredients are in your skin-care routine it actually makes acne, rosacea, eczema and dry skin worse. Cut down on over-stripping and ask us to help find you the correct moisturizer for your skin during these winter months!