One look at social media and it’s easy to see that the biggest current obsession of the beauty world is beautifuldefinedfull brows. Full brows are an easy anti-aging trick since fuller and thicker eyebrows produce a more youthful appearance to the face.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a modern and revolutionary process that delivers beautiful, natural results – nothing like the old sharpie-esque permanent makeup looks of years past. Imagine one less step in your beauty routine, and waking up every morning with gorgeous, natural brows!

Most of us are great candidates for Microblading!

  • Do you have thin, sparse, or missing brows?
  • Would you like to create more definition or fullness?
  • Would you like to fill in missing arches or tails?
  • Do you need to reconstruct your brows or fill in gaps?

Book your complimentary microblading consultation

Whether you want to define, shape or fill, microblading will leave brows looking natural! 

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Microblading Before and After

Check out these fabulous before and after pictures of Mary’s Microblading work!

NOTE: The after photos are immediately following the initial appointment. Brows are very dark and ink has not been scrubbed off the skin (as to not blur the hair strokes that have been tattooed). As ink on the skin washes away, the brows appear slightly lighter, leaving a naturally enhanced brow look. 


What can I expect before and after my Microblading session?

  • On average, your microblading session will take two hours
  • Numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort
  • No downtime; however, downtime is a subjective term
  • Brows will appear darker during the healing process (think Groucho Marx!)
  • The healing process takes a couple weeks, depending on the person
    After a month, a touch-up is recommended to ensure perfect brows
  • Initial touch-ups following your first session are no additional charge
  • Microblading is semi-permanent and lasts 1-3 years!

Ready to get your BROWS on?

If you’re not sure if microblading is right for you, or have questions, please book a complimentary consultation with Mary or call 602-413-4611