We all hear the importance of “taking our vitamins,” eating well, exercise, and so on. While all of that is undoubtedly true, taking Multivitamin and Multimineral supplements is more important than we probably know.

I’m currently in the finishing stages of a book I’ve written. (Yes–very excited to share it with you!) I write about a lot of things, and multivitamins / multiminerals are one. Here is a bit of information on the topic, and hopefully enough to encourage you to get out and purchase some great supplements.

Multivitamin and Multimineral supplements help boost your nutrient intake and promote radiant clear skin. While supplements like A, C, E, zinc, magnesium and selenium are considered star nutrients in curing acne, in truth, all vitamins either directly or indirectly aide in the reduction of acne. In addition, many vitamins/minerals are absorbed better when taken in combination with other nutrients.

Unless your doctor specifically states you are deficient in one of these nutrients, do not go out and buy them individually. A multimineral supplemental / vitamin supplement will do–and it is one pill versus multiple! Supplements can start to add up and get pricey, not to mention time-consuming in taking all of them individually at certain times, and with or without food. Keep it as simple as possible.

vitamin supplementMy advice:

Avoid the one-a-day formulas. Vitamins are better utilized in doses or eaten like food, broken up throughout the day. Please, NO gummy vitamins! Go to a local health food store and ask for a recommendation.