The start of a new year is always an exciting time to me. The beginning of something new. Resolutions? A shift in a way of thinking? A new Mantra? Whatever it is for you, let’s make it a great year.

 Do you want to have beautiful, toned, clear, glowing skin?

 Here’s the truth….. First, you have to accept there is a no magic pill. Optimizing digestion is the key to transforming your body and beauty. How do we do this? ELIMINATE TOXINS! 

Digestion takes over half of your energy. It becomes that much harder for your body to expel toxins when your digestive system is battling or overloaded with toxins, and as a result:

  • Your skin does not receive as much nourishment as it needs
  • You become easily dehydrated
  • Your energy drops
  • Your hair, lips, skin and eyes don’t “glow” as they should
  • Inefficient digestion can lead to weight gain as toxins build and compromise your metabolism and ability to  burn fat

All in all–when your body doesn’t have to expend as much energy in digestion or detoxification, it is more available for healing and regeneration.

OK… Brace yourself!

  •  NO SUGAR! Meaning processed foods (especially high-  fructose corn syrup). For example: cereal grains, alcohol, pasta, chips, bread, cakes, candy, soda etc. Sugar causes inflammation and every imaginable health problem. It’s toxic!
  • Eat organic as much as you can. You will be  avoiding pesticides / herbicides that wreak havoc on your cells.
  • Eliminate Omega – 6 oils: (Corn, cottonseed,  safflower,
  • soybean).
  • Eliminate processed soy (soy milk -causes Moobies aka man boobies!)
  • Eliminate Dairy (hormones, antibiotics, additives, preservatives)
  • Eliminate Coffee (chemicals, dehydrating)
  • Eliminate Red Meat, Pork & Chicken (highly inflammatory,  can be full of hormones / antibiotics).

So you may be thinking, “What the heck will I eat then? Jennifer’s lost her mind!”  Well, you’d be right. I often find it in the cupboard with the corn chips and margarita mix. The point being, Progress not Perfection. Cut out one thing or maybe a little of all of them. Just get started somewhere. It will have a profound effect on your health and more importantly, it will make you prettier. This is Celebrity Skin, not AARP!



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