Celebrity Skin Scottsdale offers treatments to those in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas suffering from hyperpigmentation.

What You Should Know About Hyperpigmentation Treatment Scottsdale

Hyperpigmentation or “brown spots” is characterized by a darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of a pigment in the skin known as melanin. It is a very common condition here in the hot Arizona sun, but for cosmetic reasons, it can be a nuisance and unsightly to those who have it.

It is important to know that extensive sun exposure stimulates the production of melanin. Also, heat can trigger melanin production.   Although it can and does affect anyone, this condition is most prevalent among certain ethnicities such as Mediterranean, Latin, Asian or African.

The following are examples of hyperpigmentation:

Lentigenes – Lentigo simply means one freckle; lentigenes are multiple freckles.

Solar Lentigenes – widely known as ‘sun spots,’ ‘age spots’ and ‘liver spots,’ solar lentigenes are freckles caused by sun exposure.

Melasma – Often known as the ‘pregnancy mask,’ melasma is caused by hormonal changes due to pregnancy and is characterized by splotchy, pigmented areas usually on the face (except the eye area).

Melasma is the most stubborn of all hyperpigmentation.   Most of my clients with hyperpigmentation are suffering from melasma.  The appearance is brown and blotchy patches on the face in a map-like distribution of hyperpigmentation. About 1/3 of people have a family or genetic history of the condition, and usually it is the result of UV exposure coupled with hormones (including birth control) during the reproductive years. Hence the common term that is used is the “mask of pregnancy”.    As a result, this affliction affects women more often than men and is most prominent in light brown-skinned individuals. The combination of hormones combine with the sunshine and heat create the perfect conditions for “brown spots”. Melasma cannot be cured or erased, but a customized approach can result in clearer, more beautiful skin.

I use use a combination of hyperpigmentation treatment Scottsdale that will be tailored to your specific situation.  Many treatments and products claim they will get rid of your hyperpigmentation with little to no results.  Sometimes aggressive treatments work for some people and sometimes they can exacerbate the situation.  Its hard to guess what will be best without a full assessment of what has already been attempted with what kind of success, what products have they already used and what is their lifestyle currently as it relates to the Melasma.  The best and most effective way to treat your skin will be determined in our one on one skin care consultation.