what is oxygenation?

One of the most important treatments you can get!

Facial Oxygenation, one of the most important treatments you can get! Your skin is the largest organ of the body but considered the least important. Blood flow travels to the major organs first before getting to the skin. By the time the oxygen and nutrients get to our skin, there is little if nothing left to nourish it. Oxygenation increases blood flow to your dermis delivering vitamins and nutrients. This is how your skin gets what it needs to manufacture more collagen and elastin.

Oxygen under light pressure aids in the delivery of age-defying ingredients to the skin. At the same time, it cools and calms the skin.

Pressurized oxygen increases the absorption of serums containing a combination of vitamins and nutrients that stimulate your blood and lymph system to bring oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

This treatment is great for dull, dry lackluster skin that has been overloaded with toxins. Better yet, Oxygenation is great for all skin types and is truly essential! Oxygenation works well with acne prone skin as bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. It helps improve your moisture levels, helps heal blemishes and improves overall radiance. It is safe for pregnant/lactating women. Best of all? No Pain! No Downtime! Perfect for a special event!

look amazing. be confident.