Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin

There is no medical definition for sensitive skin. Someone with sensitive or highly reactive skin might get blotchy, itchy or experience a stinging sensation in response to skincare products or weather, or have rosacea, acne or eczema.  What causes this phenomenon?

Food and diet

Sensitive skin could be caused by your diet (specific foods and additives), and different types of allergens. It is possible these responses may actually be allergic reactions to certain chemical ingredients in your skincare products.

Fluctuating hormones

Fluctuating hormone levels can be caused by going on birth control pills, going off birth control pills, changing types of birth control, use of bio-identical hormones, menstrual periods, pregnancy, breast feeding, peri-menopause, menopause and manopause. Whew!

Medication side effects

Nearly 60% of Americans take prescription drugs; half of them are on least two prescription medications and 20% of them at least five! Statistically speaking, the older a person gets, the more prescription medications they are likely to be taking. Women are prescribed more drugs than men. Antibiotics and antidepressants are the top two drugs prescribed in the US. If you think they don’t have side effects, think again. Potential side effects of prescription medications are sensitive skin and acne.


Stress can create an imbalance in hormones and cause sensitive skin, break down collagen (wrinkles) and trigger, acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, to name a few. The older we get, the more stress we are exposed to physically, emotionally and mentally.


The climate (where you live or vacation) influences your skin’s moisture levels. Humidity levels influence skin’s water or moisture content, which can influence the skin’s reactions to ingredients in products.

Garbage skincare products

Garbage skin-care products that contain synthetic, harsh, toxic, pore- clogging ingredients can be irritating, overly stripping and harmful for your skin. If you think you have “sensitive” skin, here is a list of ingredients to limit and/or steer clear of: artificial fragrances, food allergens, parabens, phthalates, lanolin, sulfates, chemicals you cannot pronounce, alcohol (internal and external), retinoids and alpha/beta hydroxyl acids in high percentages.

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