There is no medical definition for sensitive skin. Someone with sensitive or highly reactive skin might get blotchy, itchy or experience a stinging sensation in response to products or weather. They may have rosacea, acne or eczema. Sensitive skin is becoming more prevalent because of the excessive load of toxins we are breathing, ingesting and putting on our bodies. It is possible these responses may actually be allergic reactions to certain chemical ingredients in products. It could also be due to using retinoids or alpha/beta hydroxy acids. This may cause some of the same side effects because the acids are too strong or there are too many stripping or dehydrating ingredients in your skin care products. Once your protective barrier is compromised, your skin can “react” to just about anything. This is why it is not as simple as buying a wash that is labeled “for sensitive skin.”

If you think you have “sensitive” skin, Celebrity Skincare can help you choose products and treatments to reduce or possibly eliminate these symptoms altogether.

Everyone’s skin is different. The best thing is to do is book a New Client Consult + Treatment to discuss and personalize your treatment with products to meet your individual needs.

Services that correspond with Sensitive Skin:

*All facials can be customized for Sensitive Skin