Consultation and Skin Care

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It all begins with consultation, which includes a basic lifestyle assessment to help identify and eliminate what factors may be contributing to your skin care concerns and problems. Or, maybe you have great skin and just want to keep it that way!

In order to customize a treatment plan for YOUR skin, I will ask you a lot of questions. If you would like to book only a consultation (no treatment), that is an option as well. Book consultation + treatment, or consultation-only appointment.

Some of the questions I might ask:

  • What are you eating?
  • What nutritional supplements and/or medications are you currently taking?
  • What is your skin care regimen and what make-up are you using?
  • What products have you used in the past and what procedures have you done that have or have not been successful?
  • Are you currently working with a dermatologist? If so, I will explain how I can assist you both in better, quicker results.
  • What is your current stress level and how are you sleeping?
  • How toxic is your lifestyle (chemicals in your home/workplace, on your food or skin)?
  • How intense and often are you exercising?

Based on this information, I will recommend a plan which includes products and procedures that best suit you and your skin type. I will tell you what you can realistically expect from your treatments and products, including downtime, if any. I can also help you modify and prioritize your plan, if necessary, based on time, work schedule and/or budget.

Seeking professional advice will produce faster results, saving you time and money

Whether it is your first time seeking a skin care consultation or you have been advised by multiple estheticians/dermatologists in the past with no success, my goal is to save you time, energy and money by providing the quickest, most effective treatments specific to your unique skincare needs in order to achieve optimum results. I will help you achieve this by providing customized clinical skin care treatments/products, unlike common “frou-frou” spa services. In fact, my best advice is two glasses of wine and your best friend to hold your hand. (Okay, just kidding!)

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

~ Coco Chanel

A combination of dietary and lifestyle modification with a proper skin care regimen will provide the best result of success in creating acne free, smooth, even skin tone and texture.  A home skincare regimen can also help prevent future damage, maintain healthy skin and correct previous damage. Over time, regardless of lifestyle (although lifestyle is a huge factor in aging!), our skin begins to change. Fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and loss of elasticity (sagging) become more visible, starting in your early twenties. To help slow down and reverse skin damage, topical antioxidants, topical retinols/acids, skin lighteners, and moisturizers are necessary. The question is which ones, how often in what strength, in what order and how many times per day?  This can be overwhelming and expensive to figure out on your own.

Over-the-counter, Internet and department store makeup counter skincare products are not going to produce the results you are looking for, regardless of what they cost or what the media is saying. Professional skincare products are not over-the-counter because they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that actually work! You must obtain them from a licensed Aesthetician or Doctor. Not to mention trying to address skincare problems on your own can be very frustrating. Working with a trained skincare professional to help you assess your skincare needs, identifying which skincare products and treatments will work best, and integrating this with making healthy changes in our diet and lifestyle will produce results and healthier skin.

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