Skin care is not just for women; Facials can be specifically tailored for men as well! A man’s skin is generally thicker, more sensitive and produces more oil than a woman’s. His pH is also more acidic and he can have shave related issues like razor burn and sensitivity. Male skin cells carry fewer antioxidants and as a result, will form deeper facial lines and hyperpigmentation (age spots/brown spots).

Microdermabrasion, Enzymes, Chemical Exfoliation and a Purifying/Hydrating/Rejuvenating Masks performed in conjunction with one other, produces dramatic results. The Microdermabrasion and Enzymes will eliminate the dead surface cells so the peel can penetrate more evenly and effectively. Oxygenation or a customized mask will help hydrate and provide the skin necessary nutrients for optimal results.

1. PEPSIN AND PAPAIN ENZYMES are gel-based enzymes that digest the cells of the stratum corneum. Maybe used on all skin types unless sensitive or allergic to fruit extracts. Giving skin a smooth, polished look and feel, these enzymes soften skin cells and comedones for easier extractions; reduces swelling and redness with a soothing, healing effect.

2. MICRODERMABRASION exfoliates dead skin cells to lighten and brighten your skin. Particularly great for large pores and congested skin, microdermabrasion leaves the skin soft and smooth instantly without any pain or downtime.

3. HIBISCUS PEEL is the next generation of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Enhanced with mandelic complex, Hibiscus Peel is a non-irritating, phyto bioactive peel that accelerates cell turnover while providing skin lightening, healing, and moisturizing benefits. This peel can help with breakouts, clogged pores and folliculitis. This treatment is great for all skin types, including ethnic skin. Hibiscus Peel stimulates collagen activity that provides antioxidant support.

4. CACTI MUD MASK has a natural exfoliating action of purified oligosaccharides that reduces cellular cohesion for smoother, softer skin. The Cacti Mud Mask also provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids to fortify the skin for balanced strength and hydration.


IMPURE SKIN MASK is antibacterial, antiseptic, oil-absorbing and improves the appearance of enlarged pores. This is a mask for acne-prone, impure, oily skin, which attacks blemishes and balances excess sebum.


WASABI MASK is anticarcinogenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Polyphenols fight against free radical and DNA damage. The warm, stimulating effect increases blood circulation and clarifies, softens and hydrates skin. Great for all skin types, especially oily, acne, and rosacea skin.


FLOWER MASK is a ultra hydrating treatment mask that merges the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and lightening benefits, vital antioxidants for free radical protection and essential nutrients for skin health. The perfect rejuvenator for all skin types.


OXYGENATION increases blood flow to your dermis delivering vitamins and nutrients. Oxygenating the skin is how it gets what it needs to manufacture more collagen and elastin. Oxygenation is excellent for dull, dry, dehydrated and/or lackluster skin. It is very hydrating and is great for acne prone skin as bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated environment.

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Does this sound too aggressive? Not at all. All four services compliment one another. This Treatment is considered “no downtime” in the skin care industry. With that said, downtime is very subjective. The definition of downtime varies from person to person. At its worst, the skin will feel dry and tight for about 3 days and light flaking for about 3 days (6 days total). An Enzymatic Peel may be substituted in place of the chemical peel if you wish to eliminate the flaking that chemical peels produce.