20 Minute Treatments

20 minute treatments

Choose from chemical peel, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, or oxygenation!

Save money and time with our signature 20 minute treatments!

We always recommend an initial consultation, but if you are an existing client OR you know exactly what type of services you want, a 20 Minute Treatment may be exactly what the doctor – or aesthetician – ordered! All treatments are tailored to your unique skincare needs without compromising optimal results.

What is a 20 minute treatment?

Exactly what it sounds like – it’s a 20 minute NO FLUFF, NO FRILLS appointment that gets results. If you book one of these sessions, please be on time since the appointment is short (thank you!)

Choose one, two, or three services for face or chest

20 minute treatments include cleansing, and choice of one, two, or three services for face or chest, followed by topical vitamins and plant-derived stem cells. Combined treatment modalities speeds up progress and increases results. Please note that the 20 minute treatments do not include in-depth consultations, steam, extractions, masks, or light therapy due to time constraints.

Choose one, two or three services from this list for face or chest:

  1. Chemical Peel
  2. Dermaplaning
  3. Microdermabrasion
  4. Oxygenation

20 minute treatment pricing

  • Choice of one treatment – $95
  • Choice of two treatments – $115
  • Choice of three treatments – $145

Why We offer these treatments

Although Celebrity Skin has been offering these 20 Minute Treatments services for over 20 years, they may be news to you!

When I created these services, I was a young mother of 2 toddlers, working full time. I had very little time (actually no time) to have anything done for myself. I realized many people were in the same boat. Even if they did not have children, they were still busy with their careers, etc. and needed to get in and out quickly. 

I also realized skincare treatments are not cheap. I was happy I was in the industry (one of the many reasons why I became an aesthetician) so I did not have to pay full price! I realized time is money and some people did not need the “consultation, enzymes, steam, extractions or mask/light therapy” part of my clinical facials.

Many people just need and want the clinical part of the treatment that produces visible results. By reducing these treatments down to a peel or dermaplaning or a combination of both, I can still help people with their skin texture, hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring and fine lines for a lesser price doing so efficiently and WITHOUT reducing results. 

look amazing. be confident.