Hydration For Beautiful Skin

Your skin’s appearance is a barometer of how hydrated your body is.  Poor dietary choices, alcohol, smoking, low water intake, stress, lack of sleep, sun exposure and slipshod daily care all drain skin of its natural moisture content, making it look dull and feel rough. Furthermore, these lifestyle factors can accelerate skin aging in that they create an abundance of free radicals.  By fine-tuning your daily habits and lifestyle choices, you can begin to see improvement in your skin.

Drink enough water

Water inside cells is the medium by which every single chemical reaction occurs in your body.  Keeping the right balance of H2O levels means that vital repair and renewal processes proceed without a hitch, keeping skin looking plump and luscious.  A good rule of thumb – half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  For example, 130lbs means approximately 60 ounces of water.  For every alcoholic and caffeinated drink (except green tea), add the same amount of ounces of water back in to your total to drink for the day.

Already drink enough water?

Some of you may drink the right amount of water yet still have dry and/or dehydrated skin.  Living in an arid state makes it difficult to maintain a balanced moisture barrier.  This is where proper skin care can help minimize these effects.  Getting professional advice will be the quickest, most effective and economical means to get your results.  I cannot say this enough, “No-over-the-counter, department store, infomercial or Avon selling advice!”  This may be why your current skin care routine is making your skin look like the Crypt Keeper!  (Anyone remember that show Tales from the Crypt?)  Over-drying the skin with retinoic, glycolic and salicylic acids can cause it to become dehydrated and crinkly looking.   You then slap on a bunch of moisturizer for anti-aging and voila…..PIMPLES!!!!

If that’s not the case, it may be time to check your hormones.  Lack of estrogen can cause skin to become dehydrated and dry.  Even if you are against traditional hormone replacement, there are natural alternatives that can help to level out imbalances.

Many of us go on vacation in the summer to get the heck outta here!!  Usually it involves a beach/water destination.  Water equals humidity.  Humidity requires a change-up in products.  Check with me on your next appointment on how to alter your skin care regimen for summer vacation!!!

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I am a medical aesthetician and author of Getting Clear: Everything You Need To Know To Cure Your Acne Quickly, Easily and Naturally. I specialize in chemical peels, microneedling, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion for all skin types, with a focus on acne, aging and ethnic skin.