Top 3 Tips To Keep Skin Healthy!

Beautiful healthy skin doesn’t happen by luck! Let's cover this month's top 3 tips to beautiful, healthy skin: Anti-inflammatory diet. It all starts with a healthy anti-inflammatory, plant-based (think 80/20) non-processed, organic diet. It really is important to avoid [...]

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Plasma Pen in Scottsdale

We are so excited to offer the revolutionary Plasma Pen treatment at Celebrity Skincare! The Plasma Pen is a revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive method to treat sagging skin, wrinkles, and acne scars with amazing results normally only achieved by surgery.   If you [...]

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Probiotics & Prebiotics

Just as important as taking multivitamins (if not more), are taking Probiotics and Prebiotics. Pro and prebiotics are essential for improving and clearing acne. Probiotics are living good bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health and digestive system. [...]

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